November 2017

" Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn"
Benjamin Franklin

My Love of Teaching...
The one thing I most love about teaching private Classical Pilates sessions is the relationship my client and I develop through the work we do together. Some come in all raring to go, full of piss and vinegar (my grandmother favorite saying), maybe with a background in athletics or dance already a step ahead because of the mind/body work which begins at a very young age. Some walk through the door a bit tentative but bravely into the studio not really knowing what to expect mostly because they have never exercised before this particular day of commitment. In either case or the in-between we begin our work together. This process hones in my INTUITION which is vital to teaching . In other words what does this particular client need this day, always adhering to the series of exercises designed by Mr. Pilates. My goal is to use as much equipment as possible, not just the Reformer which I do always begins the session. We work on STAMINA, explain the BREATHING along the way, teach them what CORE STABILITY AND ALIGNMENT means to their body. How does that feel? And when their strength increases they start to feel the beauty and ease of MOVEMENT. This is does not happen in one or even a few sessions it happens through my commitment to the work and client and the commitment of the client  to themselves. I remind them it is an investment in their well being. I make a point of posting their progress on my sites. This is what it looks like and some are works in progress but all are poetic in their intention to be and feel strong and healthy. True Power.